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  • Door Draft Stopper
  • Door Draft Stopper
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Door Draft Stopper

$ 25.00

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Product Details

Our door stoppers help you to keep your home energy efficient and stylish.

Available in so many sizes and options. 24'' 25'' 26'' 27'' 28'' 29'' 30'' 31'' 32''33'' 34'' 35'' 36'' 37'' 38'' 39'' 40'' 41'' 42'' 43'' 44'' 45'' 46'' 47'' 48'' 49'' 50''

Draft door stoppers are made out of natural canvas.Twisted rope handle for easy to carry.

Door stops are available in two options

You can select just cover option with velcro closing and you can fill it with beans or anything you have -or you can select your door stop filled with play sand and poly fiber. Free shipping all orders!

You can always customize your door stop with your zip code or your house number.

Our door stops are great way a gift for your loved ones.We can customize them as a wedding date, birthdate, name, anything you want.If you select gift option, we will prepare your gift with a unique gift wrap.Just add a note wheb you order!

Covers starts from 25$ and filled version starts from 45$.Free shipping!

100%Cotton canvas heavy duck cloth.
Hand painted numbers.
Filled with dry play sand bottom and polyfil top.

Made in the USA by Mayenne Maison.

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