About Us

Mayenne Maison is a luxury bedding brand created by Chicagoland-based designer Melis Biberoglu. Melis has designed custom bedding for some of the top interior designers in the U.S. With the launch of Mayenne Maison, Melis looks to share lovely coastal French- and Mediterranean-inspired collections with a broader audience.

Mayenne Maison is all about the beauty of small villages and living spaces of the south of France, Greece, and Italy. The linens of these regions are renowned, handmade treasures and the same aesthetic is brought to each and every piece we make. Sea blues and corals, luxurious white linens, distressed furniture, crochets and intricate embroidery; these are the heart and soul of our brand.

We want you to love and enjoy our products for years to come. With that, quality is as much of a priority as design. Materials such as 700 thread count supima cotton, 100% silk, alpaca and Australian wools, and eco-friendly linen are used to create uncompromising, beautiful items for your family to enjoy each day.